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A & A Backpacking Glacier National Park

Intro to Glacier National Park

Staying Safe in Glacier

Life at Rising Sun:
A Summer Spent in Glacier

Intro to NW Montana

Sights from Montana's Roads

Lake McDonald
  Avalanche Lake
  Trail of the Cedars
  Fish Lake
  Howe Lake

Going to the Sun Road and Logan Pass
  Hidden Lake
  Highline Trail
  Sunrift Gorge
  St. Mary Lake
    -Rising Sun
    -St. Mary Falls and Baring Falls
    -Sun Point
    -Otokomi Lake

East Glacier and Two Medicine
  Scenic Point
  Running Eagle Falls (Trick Falls)
Many Glacier and surrounding areas
  Belly River
  Cracker Lake

Waterton Lakes Nat'l Park and Canada
  Cameron Falls
  Bear's Hump
  Red Rock Canyon and Blakiston Falls
  Police Outpost Lake

Animals of Glacier
  Bear, Bighorn Sheep, 
  Fox, Marmot, 
  Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Goat, 

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Glacier National Park An Introduction to Glacier National Park

St. Mary Lake in mid-summer 2004, when the closest big fires were in Washington State
Glacier is one of the most amazing places I've ever been.
I've been there twice now, once in 2004 when I spent the whole summer, and again in 2007 when I brought my husband there for a few days. Summer 2007 was a bad year for fires, as are many years, and although Glacier didn't suffer any large fires itself, fires in other parts of Montana sent heavy amounts of smoke to the area.
The following picture is of St. Mary lake in August 2007, in mid-afternoon. St. Mary Lake on a smoky afternoon
When to Go
If you're planning a trip to Glacier try to avoid August for two reasons: 1) smoke from fires even hundreds of miles away can affect visibility here, and 2) it's very crowded. Try July for better weather, and June or September for less crowds. If you want to get into the high mountains, August may be your only choice due to snow that hangs around late. Up in those places crowds probably won't be a problem.
Mountain Goats at the Logan Pass Visitor Center parking lot
Bird Woman Falls